Students Work Toward Central Campus ‘Fair Trade University’ Certification

Students in the Environmental Sustainability Club at Montgomery County Community College’s Central Campus in Blue Bell are working on a campaign to get the campus certified as a Fair Trade University. To attain full certification, the campus needs to meet five requirements, three of which are already completed:

Track the Environmental Sustainability Club's Fair Trade Campaign progress.

Track the Environmental Sustainability Club’s Fair Trade Campaign progress by clicking on the image above.

Fair trade is a certification system that ensures the people who make and grow the things we buy are treated fairly. Many times, particularly in developing countries, adults and children alike are forced into deadly work environments, where they get little or no pay, no health care, and children have no hope of an education.

According to Fair Trade USA, “fair trade certified” products follow these principles:

  • Fair prices and access to credit
  • Fair labor conditions / No sweatshops or child labor
  • Direct relationships between growers and buyers
  • Community development
  • Democratic organization
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Environmental sustainability
Look for one of these symbols on a product package to know if it’s certified fair trade.

Look for one of these symbols on a product package to know if it’s certified fair trade.

Those interested in helping with the student campaign at MCCC or who have a fair trade suggestion share are invited to attend one of the Environmental Sustainability Club’s meetings, which are held Wednesdays at 12:20 p.m. in Science Center room 308at the Central Campus in Blue Bell. Email Natalya Martin at or Barbara Donnini at for more information.

~ by Barbara Donnini, Think Green Correspondent

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