Bike Challenge Part of International ‘Car Free Day’

To celebrate International “Car Free Day” on Sept. 22, Communities in Motion, a GVFTMA Foundation, will award a $100 Wegman’s gift card to a participant of its Bicycle Challenge. To qualify, participants must log a transport trip between Friday, Sept. 20 and Monday, Sept. 23, then post a comment on the message board describing the nature of the trip and why you chose to go car free. To qualify, log your trip and post your comment by Sept. 30; a winner will be selected by Oct. 1.

For this contest, the distance of the trip does’t matter; it is the nature of the trip that counts.  The trip should replace the use of your car, whether it be a jaunt to the grocery store, commute to work, or dinner with friends, make the trip by bike and you may be our lucky winner.  Good luck, and keep on riding!

GVF is also holding a video contest on why you bike to work. To participate, shoot a video on your smartphone and post it on GVF’s Facebook page.

The National Bicycle Challenge runs from May 1 to Sept. 30. To date, 389 rides and 36 teams have traveled 245,957 miles locally, and 34,289 rides, 2,139 teams and 16,630,069 miles traveled nationally.

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