Solar Panels Slated for October Installation

As part of its Guaranteed Energy Services Agreement with Siemens Industry Inc., Montgomery County Community College plans to install 44 solar panels near the Advanced Technology Center “Green Lot” at the Central Campus in Blue Bell.

Learn about solar cells on How Stuff Works

While the panels won’t power major parts of facilities on campus, the demo project will provide real-life teaching and learning opportunities students, faculty and staff, while helping the College further its commitment to sustainability.

Each solar panel will produce 285 watts of energy, for a combined 12,540 watts. (For perspective, most incandescent light bulbs produce between 30-150 watts.) Next to each panel is a display that will allow students and faculty to observe the actual amount of energy being generated in real-time.

Read more about the College’s solar plans in The Times Herald.

2 thoughts on “Solar Panels Slated for October Installation

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