Campus Bookstores Offer Up Green Products

by Julia Motis, Communications Intern

recyclednotebooksIn response to the demand for greener products, Montgomery County Community College Campus Bookstores, operated by Barnes & Noble, now offer a large selection of environmentally-friendly school supplies and spirit wear.

recycledpensMany of the products come from a company called Better Office Products, whose Waterfall Product line features reusable plastic envelopes, binders, pencil cases and more.

bottlesweatshirtThe store also carries Champion clothing products, some of which are made out of a material called Eco® Fleece.  This fabric is a type of polyester made from 100% certified plastic disposable water bottles, and it can be combined with other materials such as cotton to make an even better fabric.  One 20-ounce bottle can make an entire sweatshirt! According to Champion, its Eco® Fleece products keep bottlepensbillions of these bottles out of landfills every year.

The College’s Campus Stores also carry various  other products made from plastic bottles, such as ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils.

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