Transportation Update: Shuttle, Zimride Stats

by Robert Gardner, Think Green Correspondent

Montgomery County Community College’s commitment to sustainability and green programs continues to flourish.

After two full academic years, its partnership with Greater Valley Forge Transportation, the Campus Shuttle between Central and West campuses has proven a success.  For the 2011-2012 academic year, 8,450 riders saved thousands of dollars in gasoline and took advantage of the free service.

As evidenced by the following chart, ridership swelled in the middle of each semester, peaking in February with a whopping 1,459 riders! Just think: 8,450 cars did NOT emit hazardous exhaust into an already polluted atmosphere, thanks to Montgomery County Community College.  That’s just one year, one school.

Zimride program also proved a worthwhile initiative for long-term sustainability and environmental change.  Carpooling through Zimride allows the College community to cut down gas costs, protect the environment, and meet new people!  Since its launch June 6, 2011, the College’s Zimride service has had 1,052 users.

For those that continue to drive to Central Campus, the new ATC lot is in “gate-up” mode and is open for general use until September, at which time it will become a special pass lot for hybrid/electric vehicles and car-poolers. Stay tuned for more info!

2 thoughts on “Transportation Update: Shuttle, Zimride Stats

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  2. Awesome article!! I had no idea Montco was so committed to environmental sustainability. I am sure the shuttle rider numbers are going to skyrocket once the students read all about it. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

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