Energy-Efficient Measures Generate Funds for Greener Campuses

by Diane VanDyke

In keeping with its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Montgomery County Community College plans to use the funds from energy savings to install more energy-efficient equipment and undertake related improvements beginning this fall.

The College recently entered into a Guaranteed Energy Services Agreement with Siemens Industry Inc., Blue Bell, for the implementation of a self-funding energy conservation project.

With the energy improvements, the College expects a total guaranteed savings over the next 15 years of approximately $6,383,434 or 19 percent in energy savings. The total cost of the construction and installation is $4,051,751, which will be paid by the annual energy savings generated. The project also qualifies for $139,691 in Pennsylvania Act 129 rebates.

The project will use renewable energy sources of wind, with the installation of wind turbine generators, and solar, with the installation of roof photovoltaic panels at both campuses. The College will be converting several buildings at Central Campus from propane to natural gas.

Other proposed energy efficiency measures include:

  • Retrofitting lighting with energy-efficient units;
  • Weatherizing buildings;
  • Installing water-conservation commodes;
  • Improving heating and cooling units;
  • Upgrading building automation and energy management system; and
  • Improving the power management of networked computers.

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