New Containers Encourage Recycling on Campus

Communications student Ian Berg recycles a bottle in the ATC.

To promote recycling efforts at the College’s Central Campus in Blue Bell, the Facilities Department — in coordination with the President’s Climate Council — purchased and installed new recycling and trash containers around campus.

The rationale behind the new system is that uniform and clearly-labeled containers will encourage recycling among the College’s students, faculty and staff.

Initially piloted in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), a total of 21 sets of large silhouette containers and 73 sets of collect-a-cube containers are now heavily concentrated in the ATC and Parkhouse Hall, along with introductory placement in other areas. Each set includes three containers — one for trash, one for paper, and one for glass, plastic 1-7 and aluminum. The goal is to expand the use of these containers campus-wide over the next year.

According to Custodial Supervisor Steve Choyce, the new containers are being heavily used at the start of the semester, with little evidence of mis-use or co-mingeling of trash and recycleables. Additionally, very little trash and recyclables have been found on tabletops and floors inside of classrooms and common areas, which posed a problem in the past.

Choyce hopes that these steps encourage continued cooperation among students, faculty and staff that builds toward a year-round recycling effort, and not just one geared toward the annual Recylemania competition.

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