2011 Grad is Passionate About Sustainability

by Whitney Etter

Calvin Wang, photo by John Welsh

Calvin Wang, of King of Prussia, is passionate about the environment. That passion led the Honors Program student to join Montgomery County Community College’s Student Government Association (SGA) so that he could make a difference.

“Sustainability is so important to the College and our community because we need to be responsible for our planet and how we treat it,” he said.

Through his involvement with the SGA as Senate chairman, Calvin became one of two student representatives to sit on the College’s Climate Commitment Advisory Council. Led by College President Dr. Karen A. Stout, the council is comprised of faculty, staff, students, alumni and members of the community who work to lower the College’s carbon footprint.

At council meetings, Calvin provided honest feedback about debated topics and voiced student environmental concerns. He believes it is his responsibility to demonstrate sustainable choices in order to give future generations the same wonderful resources his generation takes for granted.

“If this council can create an environmentally conscious student and faculty body, we can help create community awareness to follow this important way of life,” he said.

Calvin graduated from the College in May 2011 with an associate’s degree in Liberal Studies, and he transferred to Temple University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Physics. However, he plans to keep up with the College’s sustainability efforts.

“The Climate Council has made plans for the future of this institution, and when I come back as an alumnus, I will get to see those great ideas put into action.”

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