Household Hazardous Waste Collections Set for Montgomery County

Montgomery County and the four neighboring counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania have joined forces to bring 26 Household Hazardous Waste collections for residents of the region to use in 2011.

Montgomery County residents may bring Household Hazardous Waste materials to any of the sites in the five-county area, including the one at Montgomery County Community College’s Central Campus, 340 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell, on June 25 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Read the full press release on Montgomery County’s website.

Household Hazardous Waste is the discarded, unused or leftover portion of household products containing toxic chemicals.  Hazardous usually can be identified by labels such as “Warning,” “Caution,” “Poisonous,” “Toxic,” “Flammable,” “Corrosive,” “Reactive” or “Explosive.”

Montgomery County’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program provides the opportunity to safely and properly dispose of these hazardous materials.  Hazardous waste items include: Automotive Products including motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, kerosene and gasoline; Pesticides/Herbicides; Household Products including drain and oven cleaners, spot remover, dry cleaning fluid, rug cleaner; Paint Products including paint thinner or turpentine, paint remover, oil based paint, furniture stripper and refinisher; and miscellaneous Products including dyes, lighter fluids, sealers for concrete or asphalt, propane tanks, swimming pool chemicals and mercury.

The following items will not be accepted: explosives, ordinance material, infectious biologically active wastes, radioactive material, alkaline batteries, household appliances/whitegoods, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, smoke detectors and tires.

For additional information and guidelines, visit  or call the County’s recycling hotline at 610-278-3618.

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